City’s Final Bicycle And Pedestrian Master Plan

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Hey Bike Hoboken-

We are going to be hosting a meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday February 23rd) at Carpe Diem starting at 8 pm, but I wanted to make sure everyone took a look at the just released Bicycle And Pedestrian Master Plan which you can read about on the city’s site.

This plan was put together by transportation consultants, The RBA Group, and a host of city residents helped in this endeavor. I think there are a ton of great ideas for making Hoboken a more bike and pedestrian friendly city, but the problem with this plan is that it is only a BLUEPRINT.

The plan outlines a number of problems we all understand, and it suggests creative solutions that have worked in other locations, but there is nothing about this plan which forces its adoption; the plan has no teeth.

Working with Mayor Zimmer and Transportation Director Sacs the past few months, it is very obvious they are serious about adopting parts of this blueprint (they already have begun to), but they are going to need our help!

Please join us tomorrow evening as we begin to turn this plan into a reality and Hoboken into one of the most bike friendly cities in America.


Chris Giannini

Remember: Yield to pedestrians and ride no faster than pedestrian walking speed while riding on sidewalks. (this is the law in Hoboken at least)

Bike Hoboken Meeting – Wednesday Feb 23rd

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Hello all,

It’s been a cold, snowy winter and I know everyone is itching to dust off their bikes and hit the pavement. Before that happens, we’d like to invite you to our first formal meeting of the year, next Wednesday at 8pm at Carpe Diem (14th and Grand). We’ll talk about what we plan on doing for 2011 (and what we’ve already done), including ideas for more racks, lanes, group rides and the like. We will also unveil plans for the composition of our Bike/Pedestrian-Friendly Business list.

We’d also like to let all our everyone know that we’d be happy to accept members who may be interested in taking on more responsibility in the group. Although Hoboken is a small town, the task of turning it into one of the most bike-friendly towns in America is no small endeavor, and we encourage all our members to participate on whatever level they feel comfortable. If you are interested in taking on more of a leadership role within the group, feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have.

Hope to see you all next week!


Josh Meyers
Bike Hoboken

A Get-together and our First Meeting

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Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23rd at Liberty Bar & Grill  at 7:30 for a casual get together. Liberty is on 14th street between Washington and Hudson.

The following Monday, November 29th, we will be hosting our first formal meeting to begin to discuss Bike Hoboken’s objectives and strategies.  This meeting will be hosted at Carpe Diem in the private upstairs room.  Carpe Diem is located across from the movie theatre at 14th and Grand streets and there is plenty of car and bike parking in the area. 

I also want to encourage you to visit the Public Information Center to learn of strategies developed as part of Hoboken’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  This workshop will be hosted by the RBA Group, the planning firm paid by a grant from the NJ DOT to assist in Hoboken’s development of a comprehensive Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan. The PIC workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 30th.  

Follow this link for more information.
I look forward to seeing everyone soon and continuing to make Bike Hoboken integral to making Hoboken into one of the country’s most bike-friendly cities.
Chris Giannini
Please remember to voice your support and your ideas on our facebook page

Group Ride from November 13th

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We had a great group ride on a beautiful day in November, which took us around Hoboken, Jersey City, and Liberty State Park. Here is a link to the route and then some pictures.

Hope to see you next time.

Bike Rules – Letter from Ian Sacs P.E. Director, Transportation and Parking

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Thanks for asking about the most commonly raised concerns about bike riders in Hoboken.  We are committed to keeping a high image of bicycle riding in Hoboken, and we know that just a few dangerous riders can sully the reputation of everyone.  In general, biking is considered a great way to get around Hoboken, and we’re seeing more and more people fid the bicycle as the most convenient way to get around town.  To reinforce this and simultaneously address general concerns about bike riders, we recently passed a comprehensive set of bike rules to clarify what is expected from bike riders on Hoboken streets; these are available under the “Bike Safety” section of this city webpage:  Nonetheless, several concerns raised by the public come up time and again.  They are as follows.

1. Riding on sidewalks:  In Hoboken, we feel that the streets are for bikes and the sidewalks are for pedestrians, but we still want to preserve the needs of families with small children, or others making that last leg of their trip to avoid riding around the block.  So, you are allowed to ride on sidewalks, but no faster than the speed of nearby pedestrians.

2. Pedestrians have the right of way:  Whether on the sidewalk or at crosswalks, pedestrians always have the right of way.  Bike riders should yield and act courteously towards all pedestrians.

3. It is illegal to ride against the flow of traffic:  In New York City, bike riders who ride the wrong way on one-way streets are called “salmons”.  Bike riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles, and this includes riding in the same direction of traffic as regulated by law/signage.

4.  Bike riders must obey traffic control devices: Stop signs and traffic signals must be obeyed, it’s as simple as that.  Blowing through intersections is dangerous and, to be blunt, is infuriating to drivers and pedestrians who are expected to obey traffic laws.
Ian Sacs, P.E.
Director, Transportation and Parking
City of Hoboken, NJ

Group Ride this Saturday in Hoboken

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Lets go for a ride!

This Saturday around noon we are planning our first group get-together. We will begin with a group ride around town and culminate with an informal meeting at the Wicked Wolf Tavern. All are invited to attend. If you’re interested in the ride, we’ll kick off from the War Memorial at Pier A Park. If you just want to check out the meeting, we’ll be back to the Wicked Wolf around 12:30.

If anybody is interested, our website is You can sign up for our mailing list via the website. We also have a page on Facebook @ All are welcome to “Like” us.

Hope to see you this weekend.


Josh Meyers
Bike Hoboken

New Bike Rack next to Green Rock

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Bike Hoboken has been working with city officials to help identify locations for new bike racks and bike lanes.

Recently Bike Hoboken identified a location south of Green Rock Tap & Grill for new bike racks and the city has already placed a new rack here and begun to promote its use.

 As the city begins a process of sidewalk widening and pedestrian safety measures on Hudson Place near the PATH we hope additional racks can be placed here to meet the demand for people looking to lock their bike near this transportation hub.

-Update:  There are currently 2 racks in this location but the city is able to add up to eight more if needed!

A Letter to Friends and Members

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Dear Friend,

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and thank you for taking the time to meet Bike Hoboken and sign up for our email list last Sunday at the Arts and Music Festival.

We were very encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by more than 200 members of the community who signed up for our email list, and we believe we are on our way to making Hoboken one of the most bike friendly cities in the country.

Hoboken is perfectly positioned in a nexus of transit options, all of which are complimented by bicycles.  The city’s small geographic size, flat landscape and proximity to New York City’s phenomenal new biking network, easily allow residents to use bikes to both commute and get around town; while avoiding the headaches associated with car parking.

While some of the ground work has already been laid, we are still a long way from turning our vision into reality.  It will be imperative to work directly with the City of Hoboken, Hudson County, the State of New Jersey, the Port Authority of NY/NJ, a host of other partners, and each and every concerned resident in Hoboken.

In the next few weeks we will be hosting an event to bring together as many people as possible to both get to know the issues and hear people’s ideas.  We ask that everyone forward this email to any interested friends, family members or colleagues who you think would appreciate a city where the streets were safe for riders of all ages and experience levels.

Please also take some time to view our website where anyone can submit their email address to become a member of the email distribution list, and take the time to view and “like” us on our facebook page at

With so much to do, we hope to announce a date to bring people together in the next two weeks.  In the meantime, if you have ideas or skills you would like to bring to our attention now, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Chris Giannini

Great Success!

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It was great meeting people this past Sunday at the Arts and Music festival.

We were blown away by the amount of enthusiasm Hoboken residents had for our vision as we signed up more than 200 people!

Bike Hoboken to be at Arts & Music Festival

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Bike Hoboken will have a stand setup Sunday at the Hoboken Arts and Music festival.

See you there.